Insurance Services

USC purchases insurance to provide coverage for a wide range of activities and properties.  Failure to provide adequate coverage can place the university in the position of paying high replacement costs for damaged or destroyed property, or bearing the total cost of expensive litigation related to our teaching, research and business activities.

There is a centrally coordinated insurance program in order to ensure that the university is getting the best value for its premiums, that coverage is not duplicated, and that the various policies do not conflict with one another.

All university departments and subsidiary corporations shall coordinate all insurance-related activities with the Risk Management Department.  This includes contacts with insurance companies, agents, brokers, or consultants. The types of transactions include:

  • Purchasing insurance
  • Negotiation for the purchase of insurance with agents or brokers
  • Obtaining professional services from insurance companies, brokers, agents and consultants.

Before contacting an insurance company, agent, broker or consultant, notify Gail Starks, Executive Director of Risk Management Department at (213) 740-7518 or  She will advise you as to whether or not the university already carries insurance for the specific activity of interest.  If not, she will assist you in obtaining the appropriate insurance at the optimum price.  She must co-sign any request for payment to an insurance-related business or organization and approve any negotiations, agreements, transactions or purchases before they are completed.