Employer DMV Pull Notice Program

USC's Employer Pull Notice (EPN) program--developed by California DMV--promotes driver safety by monitoring the driving records of employees who are required to drive a university auto or a registered street legal electric vehicle.

The program is administered by the USC Risk Management Department Coordinator: 

Jaime Aquino; Phone: (213) 740-6203

The following document outlines the standard operating procedures of this program:

All university employees authorized to drive on university business using a university vehicle, personal vehicle or electric vehicle must be enrolled in the EPN program.

  • Employees must have a valid California Driver License and clear record with no major offenses within the last five years.
  • Click here to review USC's Vehicle Safety Policy as all drivers must meet all requirements.
  • Employees must complete the university's  Authorization for Release of Driver Record Information.  This form must be submitted to their designated Home Department Coordinator.
  • Employees must have a valid Defensive Driver Certificate.
  • A review of the employee's DMV driving record must be completed.



Who administers the University's DMV Employer Pull Notice Program?

The program is administered by the Risk Management Department. Jaime Aquino is the Program Coordinator, and she can be reached at 213-740-6203.

Who is responsible for the program within each department on campus?

In order to facilitate the process campus-wide, the HR Partner for each department/division/school will work with the DMV Pull Notice Coordinator to organize and assist with the enrollment of their respective employees. The HR Partner is responsible for notifying the DMV Pull Notice Coordinator of any new employees required to enroll or when enrolled employees separate form the University.

Who is required to enroll in the program?

 It is a USC mandated requirements that all University employees authorized to drive on university business, whether by using a university vehicle or electric vehicle be enrolled in the program. The University's Vehicle Policy requires that employees who operate a University vehicle must have a valid California Driver License and a Defensive Driver Certificate. "Employee" is identified as a USC faculty, staff, student worker or work-study student.

What is the process of enrolling in the program?

Employees must first complete the University's Authorization for Release of Driver Record which is supplied by the designated department Coordinator.

How is the information about my driving record retrieved?

The DMV sends driving records to the Coordinator on various occasions, such as when an employee is initially enrolled in the program, on an annual basis from the date of enrollment, and if there is any negative driving activity. For example, upon enrollment into the program, a driving record will be forwarded to the Coordinator; if the employee has subsequent negative activity on their record, such as a seat-belt violation or speeding ticket, that will be forwarded to the Coordinator as well.

Is my driving records information kept confidential?

Yes. The driving records supplied by the DMV are sent directly to the DMV Pull Notice Coordinator and are only reviewed by the Coordinator and appropriate personnel. If there is negative activity on the records that warrants review, it is discussed directly with the Director, Dean, or Manager of the employee. Information is not shared with the Coordinator of the home department.