Certificates of Insurance

For vendors, consultants, and other non-USC personnel, USC offers certificates of insurance that are often requested by non-USC entities wanting USC to show proof of insurance.

All requests for certificates require completed Request for Certificate of Insurance form attached below.  Requests should be made via e-mail at USCrisk@usc.edu. Turnaround time for requests are three to five working days. The following information is needed in order to process a certificate naming a specific certificate holder:

  • Type of coverage and limits
  • Name and dates of the event
  • Description of the activities
  • Name of the company receiving the certificate, including its complete address, contact name and contact's email address or fax number
  • Include your name and contact information including email address so that you will get a copy of the certificate
  • Include a copy of the executed contract for the request 

Request for Certificate of Insurance Form (must be completed)